BP Mystique vs Iko Cambridge AR

Hi, I am a homeowner in Toronto, Canada, about to get my roof re-done. The roofer gave me a choice between Iko Cambridge AR and BP Mystique, both of which seem to be quite popular around here. He wants slightly more for the BP Mystique, with that shingle’s two sealant bands being the selling point. My question is, do those two sealant bands, as opposed to the normal one, really make a difference to the durability of the roof? Or is this just some form of marketing hype? I’ve yet to find any review which mentions the benefits of two sealant bands on a shingle, one way or another. If there is no benefit, I’d probably go with the Iko Cambridge. On the other hand, if the second sealant band on the BP is likely to make a difference in the durability of the roof, all other things being the same, then an extra 200 bucks is a small price to pay for the BP.

I’d welcome any and all opinions. Thanks in advance for your advice.

He must not do much volume because bp are cheaper here(hamilton). That said I wouldnt put bp shingles on a doghouse, absolute bottom of the barrel crap. Iko are okay, get him to price certainteed landmarks, should only be a cpl hundred more than Iko and are a top quality shingle.

Thanks for the tip. It does confirm what I’ve been hearing about BP. I’m probably going to stick with Iko, as this roofer did a good job with them on my neighbor’s house, and seems able to work well with them. Iko seems to have a better up-front warranty than Certainteed as well (15 years as opposed to 10 years). Thanks again.

you can also get owen corning durations which are a very good shingle in my opinion. i wouldnt put either bps or ikos on

Yeah, I would definitely look into getting Certainteed Landmarks over BP / IKO. A double sealant strip is useless if the shingle sucks…