Brace Yourself against Foundation Problems

If you notice cracks around your home, you may be having some foundation problems. This is a very dangerous situation because if your foundation is cracking, sinking, or shifting, it puts your whole house at risk of collapse. So routinely check for any brick walls or chimney cracks, drywall fractures, and always look in your basement to see what your foundation is doing down there. If you notice any problems it’s best to address the situation immediately because there are solutions available, the most common being the installation of wall anchors.

Midwestern Moisture

Often in the Midwest, since the water table is high and the ground is usually saturated with rain and snow, foundation problems can occur. Underground water seeps next to your foundation, forms pressure, and eventually finds a way to leak through any porous, concrete material. This water absorption will, in turn, crack or bow foundations especially in older houses constructed of concrete-block (it has several weak points that water can easily penetrate). However, this doesn’t just apply to the Midwest. If downspouts aren’t properly placed, if gutters aren’t cleaned, or if your walls aren’t routinely examined, you may still be putting yourself at risk. But if you do find damage, don’t panic: there are affordable solutions out there.

Anchored Walls

In the past, foundation cracks meant you had to invest in some serious repair methods. You had to dig around your foundation and build new basement walls, which was expensive, labor-intensive, and took up a lot of time. But now there is an easier method to save your home’s support system: anchored walls.

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