Brand new roof broken planks

House was built in 1912. Needed a new roof and figured we’d need some wood replaced. Looks like they replaced very minimal but when they were nailing the shingles on pieces of the tongue and groove broke off. Contractor said this is typical of older homes and not to worry about it. Thoughts? Is this a problem and if so what are my options here?

We sheet over old plank decks with plywood or OSB.

At this point if the roof is installed there are no good options.

Figured as much. How big of an issue will this be down the road?

Are all the boards gapped the same way?

No, these broke off as they nailed so it’s only in different (random) spots on both sides

Those nails are not holding anything and shingles WILL blow off. It needs sheathing.

That’s what I’m afraid of and we live on a lot that is a wind tunnel…

It will more than likely be fine, this is a common occurrence when shingling over old plank deck and usually goes unnoticed with no ramifications.

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In one photo i see nine penetrations not hitting any wood.
Thats a lot.
And not though ice and water shield underlayment