Brand of Shingle

I am putting on a 30yr laminate shingle. It has been recommended by several roofers that I put on Elk brand shingles. The particular shingle is Elk Prestique High Definition. It is a 30yr shingle with 80mph wind rating. I am wanting to know if this is a good shingle choice. I have heard that this is a good brand and I know that it is the priciest 30yr shingle at the supply house. I am wanting to know if I am making a good decision to go ahead and spend the extra for it. I live in West Texas. Hot, dry, and windy. Thanks.

ELK is good. its popular in texas because thats where it is made. the top 2 brands are GAF & CERTAINTEED.

if you have to put on a conventional two peice demnsional shingle then elk
is probably one of the best.
i personally dont like any of em.
i like a flatter shingle (ie: carraige house ).
water runs off it better.


Does Elk’s wrapper instructions still call for staples?

Elk used to suck and they are expensive. I laid a bunch in New Orleans area about 7-8 yrs ago and the laminates seperate in the hot weather. If people don’t nail them dead on the nail line they will end up sliding down a steep roof. I’ve always been partial to Owens Corning and GAF myself. Things change, maybe they have beefed up the Elk quality in the 8yrs since I’ve touched one.


They all seperate if you nail them incorrectly.

Lefty is dead on with this one.

Eh, I can’t agree with that. I’ve seen incorrectly nailed GAF and Owens Corning shingles up to a 12/12 several years later that never seperated. Maybe you’re talking about a mansard or some other extreme conditions. Elks on the other hand have fallen apart as I pulled them out of the bundle on a hot day. Plus they are what, 4-5 bundles to a square? I don’t need that aggravation.


Sounds like you had a bad batch. They should not have been installed on a 4/12.

All shingles will seperate if not nailed in the double part after a 7/12. The better the shingle thet longer it will take.

Yea, I guess it’s possible I just got bad batches for 9yrs. Who said anything about a 4/12?


I meant they should not even been installed on a 4/12. Let alone a steep roof.

Why would you keep installing shingles that seperate out of the bundle for 9 years?

Why should they not be installed on a 4/12 or steeper roof? I was told that they are a premium brand.

Also, why can you install Certainteed and GAF on steeper roofs? I really need to know this info.

Hi tdove,

They can be installed on any pitch roof.

Tar Monkey said he got Elk shingles that the laminate was falling apart. Right out of the package. I asked him why he would install shingles that are falling apart. Exspecially for 9 years. If the shingles were falling apart they should not be installed on any roof.

There is nothing wrong with ElK shingles. They are a better shingle. I install GAF.

Hey tdove,

Elks are considered a “premium” brand of shingles and their price more than reflects that, lol. You can install pretty much any asphalt shingle that I can think of on any roof pitch 4/12 or better. Some will tell you you can go lower pitch but I would advise against it. Bottom line I guess is that I have had nothing but bad experiences with Elk and I don’t care for them. If you like the look of the product, are happy with your installer and all the associated warrantys are to your liking then I see no reason not to use them. I however would not put them on my house.

I agree with the under 4/12 thing. relying to much on underlayments at that point.

I bid a 100sq 7/12, 8/12,10/12,12/12 a couple years ago that had 30 laminate Elks on them. At year 20 the shingles were shot. A few shingles had delaminated but most of the shingles were just aged really bad.

Did a tear off last Summer of 7 year old Resawn Shake Timberlines and not one shingle had sealed down. They had a few blow offs. Told them they were upgrading to Landmark Resawn Shakes, bet there sealed down already!

I was thinking the other day. There was one other other (2 total in 10 years) Elk roof that wasn’t too bad. 80 sq 9/12 Elk 30 year laminate black. The shingles came apart good, didn’t feel slippery, and were pretty square.