Broken plywood decking on new roof

Hello all. I wanted to get some professional opinions on a broken section of plywood I noticed in my roof.

I just purchased a new home and was in my attic for a wire running job when I noticed this huge break in the roof decking. I was not able to make it to the damaged area to inspect fully but I plan to take a closer look when I have better footing for my attic.

If the underlayment is intact, would I be able to just reinforce the broken section with a 2x4?

The previous owner (an investor/remodeling company) paid for the new roof and the warranty is supposed to be transferred to me. I am planning to call the contractor but I’d like to gather as much information as I can before making that call. I also suspect there may be other areas and I want to log them all first.

Any help here is appreciated

Should be visible from the outside. Is it under a dead gable maybe?

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Yeah, I was also thinking it’s dead space above there. Otherwise it should be super viable from outside.

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You guys might be right. There is an added section of roof (not sure on the term) in that area for an overhang for the porch. I looked at it from the outside today and I didn’t notice any major indentation in the roof. I will try to climb up there tomorrow and see if I notice any soft spots in that general area.

Out of curiosity, what is it that made you think it was a dead gable?

The valley? rafter running to the left in the pic. Shingles will conform to the deck, you would have had a big leak there by now.

This is the overhang I was mentioning from an old Zillow picture.

I don’t know if it really extends out to where that hole is at, but I will check it as soon as I can. Seems odd because that red coloring looks like underpayment to me. And it really has not rained much since the roof was put in over the summer.

Yeah so I went up there today and a small area in that general vicinity is slightly indented into a bowl shape. I tested to see how sturdy it is by slapping that section and comparing to another area and it’s definitely a softer feel than the rest.

I need to double check in the attic but I’m almost sure it’s that broken section.