Buckling fascia wrap after new roof install

Hello roofing pros- I just had a new roof installed and live in Colorado Springs. The roof turned out great and passed the final inspection. The problem is that we have aluminum fascia wrap and now after the install, the fascia wrap is buckling. I am sure that it was not doing that before the roof install. One thing that is different now is that we did not have “drip edge” before but it is required so the roofer installed when they did the roof. Any idea what could be causing it? Is this something they should have to repair?

Colorado, aluminum fascia wrap, new drip edge, passed inspection, roof turned out great.

What do you want this seemingly good company to repair under these conditions? Are you just trying to find something?

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Are you sure it’s buckling, or could it be new dents from a hammer? I don’t have that much experience with aluminum wrap, so somebody correct me if wrong. I believe that when there is no drip edge, you give the aluminum a 1/2 inch to 1 inch bend away from the rake/eave. When the roofer installed drip edge, they could of possibly hammered the bend down or left it and squeezed the drip edge on over it. Of course, it will be hard to give a decent opinion without pictures.

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We can cause buckling if we remove the fascia wrap to replace rotten fascia wood and then
Re-install the wrap improperly.

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Nailing the fascia to the sub fascia under the drip edge can cause it to buckle.

You can post pictures with imgur.com

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I agree with Rooftexas.

The original fascia wrap was made
Based on a “no drip edge roof”
Now the roofer is forced by code to install drip edge.
And he had to force the fascia wrap to comply.
Now , it is not perfectly straight.

I am glad i live in an area that we have always used drip edge. Every roof has had it for at least 60 years.

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Without seeing a pic there is no way to say what’s really going on.

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I posted a picture for your feedback

Looks like the fascia panel is lapped backwards and over nailed. Might have been a little long at the eave and the gutter install pushed it back causing the buckle. The reason it’s called “hanging fascia” is the metal will expand and contract. Nail it tight and it WILL buckle.

Seeing the picture I suspect they nailed the fascia to the sub-fascia underneath the drip edge, it’s not going to blow off but will continue to buckle.