Build roof with roofing sheets by yourself

Building a roof on a house can be a complicated, time-consuming and difficult process. Don’t get any illusions that roof building isn’t work. But if you’re wanting to build a pitch roof for your shed or other standing structure on your property, there’s no reason why you can’t learn how to build a roof and do it yourself.

Roofing Guide
In this roofing guide we’ll outline all the steps necessary for building a roof.

Choose the Type of Roof
Select which type of roof you want to add. The most common choices are slanted roofs, hip roofs and double pitch roofs.
Slanted Roof – A “pitched roof” is a roof with more than 15 degrees gradient. These roofs are designed to redirect rainwater and other precipitation, so it doesn’t stand on the structure.
Double Pitch Roof – A double-pitch roof is a roof with two different gradients. You’ll often see these one gazebos, but houses also have them.
Hip Roof – All sides of are angled down, so there are no vertical sides or gables on the roof. Square hip roofs have a pyramid shape, but you’ll see rectangular hip roofs, too.

Use Software to Design the Roof
You’re better off using software to design your roof, if nothing else to get a basic idea of how much material to buy and where to begin.
Here are several options to help you get started. Figuring the pitch without some kind of pitch calculator can be a nightmare for amateurs.
Easy Rafters
Block Layer
Roofing Calculator

Measure the Dimensions to be Roofed

Before you can begin calculating your roof dimensions, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of the structure you want to roof. Once you have these numbers, plug them into the software to get your calculations.
Once you have your roof calculator work done, print it out to get an idea of the material you need, as well as a printout of the what the finished roof is supposed to look like.

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