Building a deck on a rubber roof

I’m having a wooden deck built on top of a fully adhered rubber roof that I installed,something new to me as far as walk out roofs go.I’m used to concrete pavers,but in this instance the structure isn’t going to handle the load of the 90 pound pavers and the small pavers are always I think the porch is better in thus case though I don’t like the idea of the deck resting on the new roof.Anyone with experiance doing this?What should I use between the roof and the deck?Any help would be greatly appreciated!

There are a few things you can do.

  1. Install a second layer of rubber roofing as a slip sheet beneath the structure where it comes in contact with the roof.

  2. Install a layer of extruded polystyrene and then cover it with a filter fabric before installing the wood deck.

  3. Install rubberize walkpads beneath the wood deck structure. See these links: … ne2006.pdf … s8090v.pdf

  1. Then you could also install a filter fabric and use a product like Meadows board, but you have to make sure the filter fabric is thick enough to not let the asphalt leech through and contaminate the EPDM. Be careful if you go this route, because it isn’t the best thing you can do.

You may also look into installing a cementitous board over the roof before installing the wood deck. The only problem with most of these suggestions is that they will help keep moisture trapped between the roof membrane and protection layer.

Here is a link to a company that has a lot of the materials you may want to look into:

A little more information wouldn’t hurt, such as size of the area in question. Is it going to be warranted. Is it for you personally, or for a client…

5 sq. roof for a client,I was going to give a written warranty on the rubber roof.That situation has changed since I don’t have time now to build the deck myself and most carpenters damage this type of roof.

If someone other than the roofer is going to stage their work off a rubber roof, I can almost guaranty they will damage the membrane. You may want to let the owner know this going in, so they won’t think you install leaky roofs. My suggestion would be to have the carpenters install a wood deck that is installed in sections that are removable, like 3’ x 3’ squares. This will make it easier to repair the roof, and you won’t have to tear up their deck to repair the roof they damaged. :mrgreen:

Sell them a slip sheet like cerberus said. Tack it down with spots of yellow so as not to form a permanent bond. Thats what I would try first.

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try not to fasten wood deck into roof.
i have fixed so many decks that have been nailed or screwed into roof
the weight of deck should keep it in place.

good luck.


walkway pads!!!

out in my neck of the woods, we rest the deck on “sleepers”. Cerberus was right on, have them build a sectional deck. Fastening isn’t required here in MA. Lay the deck on the sleepers, which are just additional pieces of 2x under the deck with slips under those. Nothing needs to be fastened to the roof here when you do it this way