Building roof top deck on modern house; need advice

Hi there,
Building a modern home. The architect has spec’d a modified bitumen roof with floating deck on sleepers on top of bitumen. Sounds like won’t get warranty if put anything on top of bitumen. Anyone know of good product for this purpose that can handle a floating deck on sleepers and would come with a warranty? (residential).
Many thanks in advance

GAF liberty would work I’ve done it but I wouldn’t set it on dryers/sleepers it’ll walk if you do. They make adjustable feet for building on roofs. Only problem is dispersing the weight.

you could put floaters down then torch over them

traditional curbings, cut to level pitch
to receive deck system…you might get away with sleepers to deck the rood area, but what are you gonna do about railings.

attach railings to deck

kage never thought about that now thats an idea it’ll be fastened and you could put sleepers down over them that would be alot of material but it would disperse better although i’ve done it with the feet we had to double the original rafters so it was alot of material anyway and it spanned 3 rafters but you only have to flash the 6" x 6" areas my way, but your way is definitly a good idea

Are pavers an option?

Depends on where your at most building inspectors are more brutal on decks than on building houses now adays. Where I’m at you gotta fasten the deck down. 6" x 6" anything above 40" I height and secondary railings are almost the norm nowadays. If you go rooftop I would use some kinda plastic decking like vecka or tandeck I’m hearing that azek has a new line of decking too. Railings I would use fairway vinyl. Wood on a roof takes a butt wip’n