Building small scale models of roof

Sup brahs. Haven’t been here in a while. I’m thinking about replacing the roof on my moms house because it’s super old and has a leak.

Thing is, the part I’m most afraid of is replacing the decking as a part of it needs to be replaced. The shingles I feel I can get it right after some trial and error.

This is why I want to build a small scale model to get it “right” before tackling the job.

Also, how best to get rid of the shingles?

You probably do need to build a scale model.

Put it outside in the rain and see if it leaks when your done… you want be sure right?


Where are you going to find small scale shingles and nails?

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Hey man, something is seriously wrong with you.

I’m going to cut it out of paper. Really I just want to emulate the pattern and sequence in which you have to lay it down. I don’t want to get confused doing the actual thing.

I’m guessing the miniature shingles will be fingernail clippings swept up from the salon floor and some kind of eyelash glue will hold them in place. Guaranteed the front door will have pink nail polish as a finish.

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lol. Now thats the creative spirit.

There was a guy in California that was an architect and built miniature models of his projects. He did one of his home. He was known around the country. I think you can look him up for some ideas. He built some neat wood shingle roofs on the one I saw. His name was Mike Brady. He had a bunch of boys. Married a girl that sold Wesson oil. She had 3 girls.

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I was being sarcastic, and making a joke about your small scale model

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Yea I know but I felt you took it too far. Burning down my moms house? C’mon, man.

No no you misunderstood what I was saying altogether. I’d never suggest burning the house. It was in reference to disposing of the shingles, and never meant to be taken seriously in the least. I’m sorry you took it as anything except a joke. I’ve deleted the message so that nobody else misunderstandings anything or takes it seriously. Again im sorry you read it that way

Umm, what you wrote was pretty harsh and that’s why you took it down, you know that. We all make mistakes and that’s cool. Your apology sounds like this; “I’m sorry you chose to feel pain when I kicked you between the legs. I meant to kill the mosquito that landed on your zipper with my foot and your nuts got in the way. I’m sorry you chose to put your nuts in front of my foot”.

Just say you’re sorry, own it, and move on.

You’ve made the typical millenial apology.

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I truly didn’t intend for it to be harsh, and sincerely I am sorry for making the statement altogether. I came to this forum to learn from others, as well as pass on what I’ve learned, not to cause anyone harm. Mr. Teesla I sincerely apologize for what I said.

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Have another beer. Read the code. Read any shingle manufacturers instructions. Ain’t that hard if u cann reeed.

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All’s forgiven. :handshake:

I’m not exactly a saint myself with my know it all attitude I once had on here, lol.

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