Bumpiness, Waviness and Lifted Shingles on a New Roof


We are hoping to get some feedback about our roof which was installed in December of 2019, in SW Ohio. A windstorm had damaged our roof at the time (our house is 9 years old), and insurance covered a tear off and new install to the amount of 22K.

The roofer that we went with installed GAF Timberline HD shingles. After the install, overall the roof looked nice and the contractor did a good job in my non expert opinion. There were shingles that were not laying down and some wavy lines, but we were assured that they would settle down once we had some warm days. I was assured that installing the roof during the winter would not compromise the shingles and that everything would seal/adhere properly. The high was around 30 degrees on the days the roof was installed.

Fast forward to two days ago when we had some moderate wind and a storm. We surveyed the roof afterward and took these pictures. We have contacted the roofer about this and they will come out and assess and advise on how to fix.

What we would like is some non biased opinions on what the best way to fix what you are seeing in these photos.

It is not isolated to what you see in the photos, there are other areas that exhibit the same tenting and popups.

Our obvious concern is that our 6 month old roof has some systemic underlying issue caused by installation during the winter. I’m not an expert, which is why I’m here asking for unbiased opinions.

Thank you for reading/replying!

Yes, i see four Possible “nail pops”.
Either the nail is not fully driven in these spots,
Or some roofing debris got roofed over during the replacement.
These should be fixed easily by your roofer.

Its not a winter replacement problem.
Yes, the sun has finally beat it down
And now it has exposed its imperfections.
Imperfections easily remedied.

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Roof lover is right. Fishmouths are probably backed out fastener. Humps could be underlayments, wrinkle or plywood. I have to say this…what am I seeing with that ridge?

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