BUR in Los Angeles

we’re looking into buying a retail building in LA. However, it needs a new roof. Currently it has a 3-ply BUR over 1 1/2" rigid insulation and a metal deck. Before I place this out to bid, what per sq. ft. is reasonable for this? There a handful of skylights and 5 HVAC units as well as a sitescreen. Thanks in advance

also…any roofing contractor recommendations are appreciated.

There are too many variables on this project to consider an approximate re-roof cost. Knowing the size of the roof area will have a huge impact on the sq ft unit price. Project access plays a role in cost. How tall is the building and can equipment be staged next to it. Are the HVAC units mounted on platforms or 4X4 wood sleepers. Sleeper mounted must be removed for a proper re-roof. Also, what type of roofing system will be going back on the building? I wouldn’t recommend the same 3 ply membrane unless it’s a modified bitumen system. Is the insulation in need of replacing and if so is it mechanically attached or adhered? Is there only one existing roof or may be more? Rock or capsheet surfaced? Lots to consider before making a cost determination for you to use in determining what the purchase price for the building should be.