Call a whaaambulance!

I live in Mississippi. I fill like all the workers that came to help “rebuild Mississippi”, has really hurt us. roofing is slow go here, I am in no means a racist, that being said, we also have to deal with hispanic crews that are way under bidding jobs, like 15 bucks a sqaure on new construction between 8 to 12 slope It really sucks around here. How’s roofing in other states? Somebody throw a dog a bone!

The one good thing is that crews that severely underbid always suck. Make sure to drop a card anyways and tell them to give a call when it leaks. Roofing always has been a cut throat buisness, populated with substance abuse and the brain dead. No, not all of us are like that but after roofing in three states over 15+ years I feel secure saying it’s rampant in our industry.

Honestly when I roofed in Louisiana we would have gone to the job and thrown them off the roof bodily. You boys in Mississippi need to handle up!