Call Back percent

What is your call back percentage on a shingle roof? Just curious to know how much and what other companies are getting called back for.
*Note, this is for a new shingle roof install, when the home owner calls you back about any roof problem.

maybe a dozen times in 20 years. can pretty much tell you every job. I despise being called back. So much infact unless the job is a couple hours away or going to rain and its going to take 10 hours to finish I’ll nock off at 8 hrs n go back the next to finish up n double check any problem areas. If its a gravy gable or hip with maybe a dormer I’ll finish. im talking about the steep cut up eye brows n cat walks with a bay window right in the middle of it all that would look so nice roofed in copper. yeah ive had those lol. You know what i take my first answer back. Man this question really making me think. roofed house one summer it was 80 to 85 degrees at 6 in morning black shingles would have gave $100 for a 5 min breeze. compressor turned down so low the guns didnt want to shoot but still shooting through. from about march to june the following year prob went back there half dozen times alone. That roofers hell is what got me started with the put a couple hours that last day to cross my t’s n dot my I’s.


You have to define it by ‘legimate’ call backs. There are some weird customers who just don’t want you to get away sometimes.


I think there are a lot of variables. Area you’re working in (how much rainfall and storm activity), type of roofs you do (the more cut up and complex, the greater the call back), the quality of your crews obviously, etc. Tileman is dead on. I would say 25 to 30% of our callbacks are legitimate. You get rusted out chimney covers, painters or gutter guys screwing stuff up, windows leaking, etc. that have nothing to do with your roof replacement.

If you’re trying to determine whether or not you’re getting too many callbacks, start analyzing the reason for the call backs. There are going to be some leaks, especially if you’re doing higher volume and higher end roofs that are cut up and complex. And that have bad design such as dead valleys. Are your callbacks for similar reasons (bad chimney flashings or step flashings) or are they all over the map? You should be able to tell if the call back causes are valid or from downright negligence or incompetence on the part of the crew.

Also look at how you’re paying them. If you’re not paying for chimney flashings, step flashing and other items that should be done to insure a good roof, guess what? The crew are human, they’re going to gloss over those items. So are you just paying your crew to put on a roof or are you paying your crew to put on a great roof that won’t leak? Usually a big difference and you get what you pay for.


Great post Authentic. We also require regular maintenance on roofs with potential for heavy/moss debris to keep our warranty valid. We would obviously cover issues not related to this but many times we show up to find a garbage bag full of leaves in a dead valley.

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