Call backs

What kind of call backs do you guys get? I guess I’m looking for the most common problems. Are most of your call backs on low slope roofs?

OH No,I have never ever had a call back, and I also hand nail sixty square a day barefoot, no hammer even, just bare nuckels. Oh Sorry wrong thread. Seriously now folks the thing with a call back is to address it right away, dont let it sit.

you can get call backs for almost anything. scuff mark on siding. debris left in gutter. leak. broken flowers. you name it.

the most common for me is a call back to do other work

i had a call back the other day because we didnt put the gas grill back next to the house :shock: but they were still happy.

I dont think this question is propper for this forum since i dont think anyone is gonna say they ever have callbacks . AAnd since i dont have to lie to look good ill post some experiences so they may help or not i really dont care .

I have seen many roofers complaining about wind driven rain on 7" T-Tops .

One time i got a callback from a person who had water intrusion under her door due to bad driveway slope and made a puddle in her garage . Roof was perfectly fine.

Here in san diego since we go thru long heat waves then a sudden heavy morning fog . We have encounter tobacco juicing on some roofing materials which is normal on this kind if weather and easy to clean.


im out but im sure there is more things like this and is all normal it doesnt mean youre a bad roofer

hold on a minute Q,
we got one here thats had a few call backs over the years.
no laughin please.

i allways say you cannot become a roofing god,
unless you have fixed alot of screwups
alot of them your own.
this is were you learn what works and what dont.


[quote=“gweedo”]hold on a minute Q,
we got one here thats had a few call backs over the years.
no laughin please.


I am not laughing .

I haven’t seen a single company here in my area without a callback .

A lot of the times is not even roof related but is part of the service .

I respect your honesty gweedo regardless what others think :wink:

if you havent had a call back…either you are lying or a newbie

Most common call backs? Hmmm. Stupid stuff I guess. But honestly I inspect all the larger jobs after our crews are done, that is part of my job. Most of the time I catch the stuff there would be a call back on like nails in the driveway, trash in the bushes, cat’s pregnant…normal stuffs. The worst call back is a leak! But hey that’s part of the job too. We’re starting a hardcore education program on different roofing systems and applications this fall when things slow down a bit and we expand our shop space. We will have room for multiple indoor roof mock-ups. We hope to cut down call backs to zero next year.

isnt that all of our goals? :smiley:

A roofer I know (not related) got a call back from a home owner who looked out his window and thought the rows weren’t very straight! Try explaining that one with the home owner, supervisor, and builder all looking out at the wavy rows!!! The same roofer was toted for jumping off a higher roof onto a lower roof (new construction) and landed onto weak decking or hit too hard and landed on his crotch. He didn’t go on a roof for a month after that! OUCH

Yes, the best thing is to go to the job right away when a call back should arise.

Did a roof last Summer for a retired business owner who for 40 years ran a siding business with his three sons. If there was a call his boys would go over first thing next day and if on a weekend first thing Monday morning. He claimed his only call back came when 14 years after installing gutters they were leaking. First thing Monday morning he drove over with his sons and found trees growing in the gutters. He told the home owner he was very insulted how she treated his wife on the phone over the weekend and since she never cleaned the gutters in 14 years it didn’t warrant a free service call/repair. Bet he had more than just one call back.

Had a call back about 4 - 5 months ago on a repair; we finally figured out the leak wasn’t @ the chimney bump out / siding to decking joint, it was water splashing up upon hitting the ground & getting under the siding of the house (his flashing was “teh suck”, so it really needed some love anyhow).

I have a house in San Antonio to visit as soon as we can get down there - just got the call the other day. He said it’s on a chimney & this house is all shiplapped decking with a somewhat crustied up flashing setup. On this one, he’ll have to pay for the visit 'cause I tried to talk him into a repair when we first did the roof back in October '06.

& Of course I’m sure some of you remember my triple play of return trips with the skylight leaking (bad flashing kit, too shallow on the factory setup as supplied by the customer). We finally got that one squared away & I really should have charged for all the return trips.

well i jus got a call back from a new home builder. I have to go back and ripp the whole roof off and put on a new one. This is a brand new home and it doesnt even have siding on it yet and i have to go back and ripp it off and put a new roof on.

But it wasnt my fault it was the builders. They told us it was going to be a brown house.two weeks later they tell us its going to be a grey house. New roof needed. Well atleast im gonna get paid for a re roof on a new roof the i done. Awsome stuff.

[size=18]So how much $ does everyone figure into each job to cover the cost incurred from call backs. The worst call back is when it’s raining and the roof is leaking during the tearoff/installation process. Last time i had one of those types it was on a flat tpo roof that were installing. We were tearing a bur pitch. When i got there the property manager was wading in knee high water coming back from pulling the rags out of the drain that the crew forgot about…oops it happens.[/size]

I have to admit I hate call backs. My roofing company tries our very best to prevent this but it always happens.