Calling v.s Knocking doors? No question

I was selling roofs in Oklahoma this year doing the door knocking/canvasing deal and I would come out with 1 to 2 estimates if I was lucky. Long story short I am now setting appointments by phone the company I was selling roofs for and 5 other contractors in other states. I have 8 callers now and set around 10 appointments for each contractor a night. Does door kncking really even work anymore? The contractors I send my leads to are doing well and no complaints even tho I still have to replace about 20 percent at times. I was new to the roof sales this year and am wondering why do companies waste their cash flow on door knockers/canvasers/doorhangers ect when they can have set appointments and keep their sales people going from place to place selling?

[size=100][font=Arial]The problem I see is blindly setting appointments without even seeing the roof and soft metal damage. Our company has used lead services before - they have no clue if there is actual damage. Many bad leads resulted and a complete waste of the contractor’s time, fuel and dollars spent. We rarely got any good leads.[/font][/size]

I agree with you on this bdawg.

If the Contractor supplies the callers with the areas he wants called he can make sure to get appointments in areas with damage.
Works well for me.

In which states your leads are located mostly?

If you’re going to knock make sure you’re allowed to do it in the neighborhood you’re planning to knock at. I’m sure I don’t have to say this for the experienced door knockers here but “No Soliciting” neighborhoods are not good places to knock as you’re directly pitching a sale to someone which is soliciting. And trust me they’ll let you know, someone knocked at a neighborhood where someone ran over the No Soliciting sign and one homeowner was TICKED OFF to see us at their door.

I don’t know exactly how you get the numbers to call, I would guess you are only calling landlines because a cell phone wouldn’t be connected to an address. There are different
estimates but I think about half the homes don’t have landlines anymore. so if you are only using the phone then you’ve cut yourself out of half your potential customers.

It’s a lot easier for potential customers to say no or hang up the phone on you by phone. It’s harder for them face to face to say no or slam the door in your face.