Can a hip and ridge be darker than the roof?

Can a hip and ridge shingle be darker than the roof?

I am remodeling my home and due to various mix-ups with the supplier (long saga), I now have Pabco Shingles (in Prairie Wood) on my roof and will be getting Owens Corning Deco Ridge (in Brownwood) on my hips and ridges. The OC-Brownwood shingles are slightly but noticeably darker than the Pabco-Prairie Wood. The OC-Brownwood is dark brown, black, and orange; the PABCo-Prairie Wood is dark brown, green, and orange. This was the closest match I could find in a high profile ridge.

Now, I’m having second thoughts. Has anyone out there installed hips and ridge in a shade slightly darker than the shingles? Did this look good? I am hoping that the slightly darker shade will add more definition to my roof, but I’m suddenly concerned that it will just look mismatched.

If this is something that you want to truely do then do it! some customers do it and like it

But your reservations say otherwise…your only solution is to go back to the standard hip/ridge manufactured by Pabco (I don’t see any reason why you cant) changing what you have already committed to will only cost you several hundred $$$$.

You have to ask your self…should I spend the money to put it the way it should have been or go with the different look you may have no more confidence in?

Its a personal preference thing. It can cost alot of money if you dont like the results. My neighbors house is done that way it looks good IMP. If I get time I will post some pics tomorrow.

If you want a higher profile cap you can use the standard cap and double it up, this will give a thicker more defined appearance for the cap while maintaining a matching color.

I have installed different shades on high end shingles like G manors,Berkshire etc. I have seen arch’s and tabs with different shades and think it looks like pooh. But its your home. If you might sell it at some point before a reroof it might pose a problem with a possible buyer.

I did a brand new square house with a cottage style roof (4 hips meeting at a point) that was Flat Black 3-Tabs with Dark Grey caps. When I finished the roof and drove away I looked back and giggled how funny it looked. I went back 3 weeks later to do the separate garage roof. Now the house was sided with a real dark purple-plum Hardy Plank, and the 4 corners were trimmed with a dark grey Smart Trim.

You have to imagine a dark house with a dark roof and the 4 corners were all a grey, from ground to peak. It looked kind of cool.

Also had a lady sit in her front yard, as I shingled along with Brown shingles, she would tell me when to install a black one. That roof never looked good (to me anyway). :lol:

I had a single guy one time that was a Packer’s fan. His deck was painted green and yellow. He was trying to decide on a color for his roof. I told him since he was a Packer’s fan he could put a green roof on with a yellow color ridge cap (Resawn Shake) and it would look like a Packer’s helmet. He actually stopped and thought about it a minute.