Can adjuster ask me for my suppliers prices on materials?

quick and to the point. can an adjuster ask me for my suppliers prices. he is saying my prices for certain items are higher than his xactimate prices, and is acting like he wants me to (work) with him to come to an agreement on the final estimate. I feel like my pricing is mine to set as long as it is fair and that I shouldn’t change my pricing. but I’m not so familiar with this process being that I have just started to take on insurance jobs and have mainly done the roof work in the past as opposed to doing the paperwork and dealing with the insurance companies. this insurance agent is from travelers Lloyds of texas if that helps. thanks in advance.

I’ve never had an insurance adjuster asking for a suppliers pricing. Xactimate prices are usually on point or even higher then suppliers pricing. Most insurance adjusters will work with you if pricing is somewhat close. Is it a multi facet job or just roofing. I always made sure the adjuster was aware of any siding and gutter damage. The insurance company will normally add 10 percent for overhead and 10 percent for profit if you are acting as a general contractor on multiple types of damage. That almost always puts the number that is workable. Roofing Long Island


Your dealing with Lloyds, whole other story. Since you aren’t experienced with insurance work, the overall answer here would take longer than I have at the moment. I wouldn’t give them my material prices. Assuming your pricing is reasonable, and within a reasonable range of theirs, I would have the HO tell their insurance to approve the claim and leave you alone. It could boil down to either you want the job at their price or you walk away as well.


I agree with Authentic_Dad, I wouldn’t give it to them either. I have been asked of this by a lot of adjusters, and my short answer is none of your f’n business. I know that sounds harsh, but this is a retail market and nothing can be done at cost if you expect to stay in business. A good argument is if they want to use Xactimate and you are using Xactimate the numbers are already justified and validated by the software. Which in my experience Xactimate will back up for itself. The other alternative is you do away with Xactimate completely and write a new cash estimate based on cost, and adding your accepted profit margin. Most industries it is 40%.


does this apply to the HO as well?
I have a HO that wants a break down of my cost ect… I am not going to give her a penny and dime breakdown, what type of response would you tell the HO, if they are trying to withhold the money owed until I produce such list?

Do you write your estimates with Xactimate? I’ve come across a few homeowner’s who want to know what we pay, I just provide them with our Xactimate.

HO’s have full access to their loss sheets which are itemized. I try to steer clear of giving homeowners MY Xactimate estimate because mine has a bunch of supplements and are usually Alot more than the insurance estimate and usually homeowners dont fully understand the supplementing process. So once I go over supp. approval with the adj, and we come to an agreement, I just have our office send the final insurance estimate with my approved supps to the homeowner.

I realize your post is a little older, but here is what I tell them, especially if they are using Xactimate. The line item for the major portion of the roof is normally something like RFG300 (a one layer tear off for a thirty year shingle), I ask them if they have looked at the Xactimate definition for RFG300, it included this statement,

“Reference: Xactware publishes prices as close to the mid-point of the market as possible. As a result, generally half of the providers in each market will be priced higher, and half lower than the cost shown here. Due to the structure at which different roofing companies operate (traditional sub-contractors vs. roofing sales organizations) roofing costs quoted by local providers can cover a very broad/large range of prices.”

In other words, Xactimate is telling the insurance companies that there will be individual roofing companies that may be higher or lower than the price list computation. This protects Xactimate from being accused of price fixing in any zip code and if an insurer will only pay the price list pricing, they are then guilty of price fixing. You cannot be forced into providing any information if you have a signed contract with your home owner.

This is where the insurer (if they are using Xactimate) must use RFGITM and just input a note that says “Roof per bid” and insert your price.

I appreciate the post. I am going to start trying to help the community out with this stuff once I get on xactimate. Just nervous to post still after a decade in the business. Coming soon lol!!