Can an illegal immigrant become a lic. Roofing contractor

Just wondering. I know it’s illegal to hire an illegal, but can one actualy become a lic. Roofing contractor in the state of Florida.

Really? NO!


Really? NO![/quote]

wow i would feel sorry for ANY American contractor in Florida if that was the case

I doubt this is an issue in reality. All they’d have to do is find a friend or relative that is legal, or has a green card, and put their name on the license. Wouldn’t take much finagling to get that done.

I also believe to apply for the state issued Roof Covering/Contracting test you have to prove first that you have been a Florida resident for atleast 5 years minimum.

I’m not a Florida resident but I seem to remember hearing that they really stiffened up legal matters concerning contractors in Florida in direct relation to all the craziness that happened for Hurricane Andrew. … 90,1325735 … 62,4776479

Tar, thats exactly what I was getting at! Since Andrew & then some, alot has changed.

Illegal immigrants cant even get a drivers license!

I can tell you thats its tough enough already to get a FL roof license …“being” a legal FL resident!!!

Yeah, the lic. Holder is an illegal immigrant. What agency’s would be the best to contact? Thanks!


There was a guy around here that did mostly all new construction steep roofs for contractors.
He had never used hispanic sub-crews before until one day he decided to give one of them a shot.
Within a few months he was working several of them.

Within a few more months they had stolen all his work from the contractors and he was out of business.