Can anyone give a legit price on a 14 sq tear off ,flat roof

just trying to find out what companys are charging for flat work. this job is aaround 12 sq , with the wall more like 14 sq. all is coming off , and a 1 ply torch down is going back on. the owner wants a 10 yr warranty on workmenship and also wants 10 on the material. so can you guys give me some feed back ? Ill wait…One other thing, this roof is about 30 ft high, wires all around , gonna be tuff just to load it.


I do not know of ANY manufacturer that will warranty mod bit on a residential roof. I could be wrong but I’d be careful about the 10yr material thing.

your nuts if you give a 10 yr labor will tie you to this roof for longer than it should.give a 1 or 2 yr labor warranty at best.i got to agree with the mfgr will warranty a residential bldg.siplast will but it will cost about 150 buck per sq.

youre right about the mfgr warranty,usually its in the roofer guarantee and also an agreement to maintain w/ it as far as flashing details,coatings etc.

It’s a resi?

sounds like it