Can I use starter strip on eaves if im using Ice and water?

My question is do i still use a starter strip on the eaves if im using ice and water sheild on the eaves?

Absolutely not. I & W is for “insurance” in vulnerable areas, not intended to substitute starter. I & W is also not a friend to UV.

Yes you still use starters at the bottom. On the rake ends starters were originally used to help support 3-tab shingles which are thin and lite weight. If you are installing dimensional shingles I don’t think the extra support is necessary so the rake ends are optional. The length of the shingle overhang also affects if and how much the shingles will sag without a starter strip. An inch and a quarter or less overhang doesn’t sag but more than that and it will without a strip.

That’s what I thought the homeowner is requesting both and I told him sure I would do I & W on eaves and starter strip it’s a low slope roof as well so he wants it beefed up since the last roofer didn’t add any of these…

Not exactly sure if you are refering to starter shingles (shingle cut in half long way to keep bottom shingle from leaking in but joint of first shingle) or drip edge (metal edge that runs along paremater of house). Either way you should definatly use both weather there is ice and water being used or not. IMHO roofers are being brainwashed that ice and water is this wonder material that can fix any problem. You still have to do everything right weather i+w is used or not cause if you have frequent leaks it will only be a tempary fix. I am waiting for the day a costomer calls me and asks about just installing i+w over the whole roof with no shingles and just calling that a roof lol.

I had been installing leak proof roofs for nearly 20 years when ice and water shield was first invented. lol

you say its a low slope…whats the pitch? you might not even want to use shingles…

you should post some picture of the roof in question that way some things can be more clear