Can osb 7/16 be used as decking material?

can osb be used as roof decking material?my friend has a mitchell home that has osb(particle board)7/16 as decking material it has water damage around the chimney cap and has to be repaired is it against code to use osb for decking material.

i dont know about florida…but it is accepted by new york state building codes.

ask abraham lincoln…hes lurking around here somewhere and he knows the florida building codes (after all he was a world leader).

In my area some cities allow it, others don’t. Odds are if its there, then its ok. FYI When decking is replaced, its a good idea to replace with what you take out. As it is also what on the rest of the deck.

It gets used in a lot of places, though 7/16-inch is a little too thin for my comfort level.

BTW, OSB and Partical Board are NOT the samething. Particle board is the one that looks like pressed sawdust and swells when exposed to moisture. OSB (oriented-strand board) is the one that looks like chips of wood glued and pressed together. OSB is much better than particle board, and even though OSB is supposed to be structurally stronger than plywood, I still prefer good old plywood.

thank you all for your answers to my question.they were real helpful.