Can shorter nail be use for eave area?

I’ll be using 1 1/4" roofing nail for my new roof. But, that will penetrate through the plywood at the eave where it’s visible. I wonder if I can use shorter nail for the starter roll and the 1st course of shingle?

Thanks Anthony

How thick is the plywood there? 3/4" nails are the minimum,and depending how thick that is might still poke through

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The plywood is only 1/2".

1/2" is hard, if you can install a second layor from the bottom or some 1x before shingeling with short nails. We do 3/4" tung and groove eaves all the time with 3/4 and 7/8 nails, but single layor of 1/2 plywood whatever you use is likely going to either poke through or push the bottom ply of the plywood down.


If you want to keep the Exposed eave look, you could just add some beadboard or even just plywood from underneath, assuming it’s half inch or so you can then use 3/4 or 7/8 nails.

Thanks you guys. Looks like another trip to the store for some one by to added to the bottom. 3/4" t&g and shim the 1st row of osb a little bit would have save me some work and $ :smiley: good learning experience.