Can Someone Comment On Roof Coating Systems

I have read several posts that say that roof coating systems for a flat roof are a waste of money.

Can people comment on their experience with coating systems and whether they are appropriate to extend the life of an aging flat roof.

Is it much better to replace the roof than to coat it, and if so why?

i just did one back in sept. or oct. 2008 that was the balls.its called dekathane from liquid plastics out of conn.,i used it right one the helicopter landing pad @ southern nh medical center,the pad is actually a concrete roof deck over the radiology dept.this stuff was exp.,$7.00 per sq. ft./thats $700 per roofing sq.just for the comes in all different colors & liquid plastics gives a 50 yr. 40 now so i dont have to worry 50 yrs. down the road.

WOW, that is expensive. Its almost like the cost of a flat roof per sf. Are there any cheap (but good) coating systems?

Cheap or good… You can’t have both :?

you can try karnak,mulehide,or tremco brands.

I have had good experiences with Hydrostop.

now that i think of it,alan never said what kind of flatroof he has?alan,you got to let us know that to narrow it down.

HydroStop does seem to be a good system, but the cost rivals that of conventional roofing systems.

These are flat roofs with 3 layers including a cap sheet hot mopped together on a tektum deck. They are aging with bubbles, allergatoring, etc but still water tight.

Any recommendations / comments on experience with coating systems and the tradeoffs between coating and reroofing appreciated.

cut out the blisters & patch,scratchbar were its alligatoring,dump a tremco resatch on it, & alumicoat definently dont want a go over w/ tekdum, it cant hold the weight & you definently dont want to rip it.because then youll have to auger your insul back down & that sucks.never mind trying to find tekdum if you have to replace some.

Personally, I’ve never believed in resaturants.

The blisters are caused by moisture trapped between the layers of membrane. As corry stated, you need to cut out and patch the blisters (do this on a hot sunny day, so you are likely to get them all). If the existing membrane is acceptable as a substrate, you may be able to install another mod. bit. over the existing. If not, then you may either want to look at coatings (elastomerics, like urethane or acrylic if you have adequate slope) or spray polyurethane foam (though I am not the one to talk with about SPF).


yup,thats why when theres an inspector on a hot job they wont let you lay a pcs. of insul or glasply if theres even a wet spot the size of your fist.i had to deal w/ that @ a sears in orlando in 1996.

cerberus, what do you think he should install 1 way vents where the blisters are?

thats what we used to do on go overs when i worked in fla.(1990-1997)