Can someone explain built up roof

I’m sure someone here can explain to me in simple English please (not too technical) about built up roof and when and how to install. Is this what you use when you have a flat roof with a saggy area?

A BUR is a tar and gravel roof in most cases. it composes plies of felt with a base sheet and surface coating.

Its simple man, you put down felt, then tar then felt then tar, for how ever many plies you want. Then you cover it with a smooth cap sheet or granulated cap sheet, or gravel. All done

Wow, you’ve made built-up roofing seem overly simple! And, if you are truly using “tar” as in coal-tar instead of asphalt, you better include some envelope material. Also, you may want to install those felts shingle-fashion and broom them into place. Oh yeah, don’t you think you should use organic felts with coal-tar, especially if you have a little slope? And so on, and so on…

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and flashings? will they require a two ply poly under the hard flashings?will they be sbs or another APPROVED type? what will be enveloped?everything or the perimiter?will it be 3,4,or 5 ply? will it require a glas cap sheet? will you cheat and mop flashings in pitch too?

**…explain to me in simple English please (not too technical)… **

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I don’t think making fun of Special Olympians by comparing them to roofers is appropriate or relevant to this topic.

I don’t think making fun of Special Olympians by comparing them to roofers is appropriate or relevant to this topic.

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Built-up roofing is a generic term for a roof system that is literally built by adding layers. Built-up roofs are more commonly found on commercial buildings than homes, but they’re well-suited to houses with flat roofs.

Built-up roofs are sometimes made from alternating layers of roofing felt with different waterproofing materials including coal tar pitch, asphalt, cold application adhesive or modified asphalt.

Built-up roofing is also frequently known as “tar and gravel” because it is finished with a layer of gravel, crushed rock or other mineral substance to minimize sun damage.

Modified bitumen roofs are made from fiberglass-based asphalt sheeting, applied in layers with mopped-on hot bitumen between each.