Can someone help match these shingles?

can someone help me figure out what these shingles are? I am doing a repair on this house soon but can not figure out the brand or style of these. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Those are gaf woodberry or wood creek… something like that. They are designer high dollar shingles. $200 a square plus around here.

gaf Woodland sorry…

Looks like elk capstone moss rose. If that’s it, they are extinct, as of 2009

yeah, that looks right. any suggestions on what i could use as a replacement?

There just isn’t anything that resembles it. Even if you find someone with some old bundles, it is notorious for being difficult to break the tar strip. Just no real good answer on that one. On areas that aren’t seen I’ve used Slate Timberline, just to be close to the color, but nothing matches Capstone. It was a 40yr shingle.

If there’s storm damage, you could potentially have the entire roof replaced due the shingle being discontinued.

Those shingles are GAF Capstone. The color is Fossil Gray. They are no longer made.

Your best bet is to get the best matching color in IKO’s Royal Estate line of shingles. Dimensionally, they are a little off and you will have to reduce the exposure of the IKO product but they will be the best match “looks-wise” of all of the products currently on the market.

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thanks for the help guys. much appreciated

Yeah royal estate would be very close, they are at least the same style. Would work if you were doing different sections