Can someone please look at this roof (Pic Updated)

Hi. I’m a total newbie as far as roofing material goes. I liked a particular material used on a bay window and asked my builder to use it, but everything he had shown me isn’t even close to the real thing. Can someone tell me what this roof material is? The picture is in my gallery or can be viewed using this link

Please look at the picture in the below post…


What’s that supposed to mean?!? You mean how to put a pic?

Okay got it!


First of all, where are you located? This might help in finding what’s available regionally.

If you see this kind of material on a lot of product (i.e. a subdivision with a somewhat common design or style) then it should be readily available in your area… provided your photo was taken near you.

While I don’t work in this kind of stuff, it looks to me like it’s a cementious / concrete tile.
MonierLifetile Madera Mountainwood, available in all MonierLifetile Regions.

Try to see if they have what you’re looking for.

If you’re building a house, I’d also suggest you try to bypass your contractor / builder & go directly to a roofer. It will save you some $$ & allow you to get into a one on one with the contractor in design & quality standards. The one thing YOU will have to do is make the scheduling arrangements that the contractor normally would do (i.e. roofer before the stone mason or after painters or before siding people depending on what your design standards call for.

Oh, & make sure the plumbers & HVAC people are in the picture ahead of time as well to get the roof penetrations taken care of @ the earliest time possible. It will save you from spending $$ by getting a repeat trip from the roofer to fix or modify penetrations these other people might make through the roof.

Hey thanks for the reply…

I’m located in Bentonville, Arkansas and no I haven’t seen a single house use this kind of material other than the one in the pic. This roof is on one of the really upper end homes in a subdivision that went bankrupt and so there’s no one to ask about it either…

Even i was thinking it was a kind of Concrete Shake tile… but wasn’t sure…

Thanks for the advice, but its really a little late in the game for me to go get my own roofer and stuff… i’m doing the whole electrical/structured/security/audio/video wiring bypassing my builder and just coordinating that stuff with the different contractors is giving me headaches!

It looks like a metal shake. Try DERCA. They have a website and have what you are looking for. Good product but a little on the expensive side.

yep its decra its metal roof tiles there made in denmark not to blow my on trumpet but am shite hote at fittin them

on the hips u have to place a two by two running up them and you use a bending maching to create an
upstand when u cut into the hips ,its the wrong hips and the cuts are wrong just to let u know … tions.aspx thats the equipmeant used for decra

Could it be Gerard? Either way it’s called “Stone Coated Steel”-- that is the product category
Gerard’s product is 26 ga.
Also check “MetalsUSA” or

Thank you all. I’ve atleast been able to pin point it to the type/class of material. Thanks…

What’s that supposed to mean?!? You mean how to put a pic?

No. You asked what the roof material was; it looked like gingerbread to me. Heh.