Can someone tell me what this is called?

Can someone tell me what this is called and where I can find them?

It is just the furnace pipe cover made out of sheet metal that looks like a chimminy

Sorry forgot the link to the photo

uh… that looks like a brick chimney to me. Horrible pic though, so I may be wrong.


Sorry for pic its the only one I have and am not at home.

Its not brick its made out of sheet metal. I dont have a fireplace its just goes over the furnace pipe.

I would just paint it but it has 2 large rust holes in it so I want to replace as I just put on a new roof it but cant seem to find any anywhere.

Thanks for looking!

Look for a sheet metal shop or chimney shop and have them make one…very easy to make…

It’s a metal chimney housing. Look up the website for majestic distributing.

or just go to home depot and look at their pre-fab chimney caps.

I’ve always called them faux chimneys. Google " chimney surround" and you’ll find plenty

Best thing to do is remove it. Get a new pipe, flashing, and storm collar to replace. Hire a roofer and maybe a hvac guy too do away with it.

yes replace it.

Look for a sheet metal shop and have them make one!!
That would be a better option for you!!