Can you get a decent roof job during Miami rain season?

I got delayed on my roof replacement due to my wifes illness. In Miami an 1800 sf flat roof. I am planning to go with a modified bitumen cap. The roofer estimates a sait of 2-3 months. In Miami that puts us into the worst part of the hurricane and rain season. the existing gravel roof is 18 years old. The patch repair for the major leak at present appears to be o.k. I am told that there may be other minor leaks that dont show through the ceiling yet.

I may have no choice. If florida has another bad hurricane season, then roofing replacement in Miami
may get even tighter. Its already showering almost every day. can you get a decent roofing job during Florida rain season? Should I take a chance and wait 6 months for the drier weather.

If the company is reputable they won’t be foolish enough to open a flat roof with bad weather on the horizon, they don’t want an insurance claim. A smart roofer doesnt tear more than he can safely dry in per day either. So as long as your company has been around awhile I’d say you’re going to be ok. Waiting for 2-3 months is a good sign, it means the company is busy. Always wonder about the guy that can start tomorrow…why isn’t he busy…hmmm.

If you need i can get someone out there quickly for an estimate we are backed up only four weeks…let me know if you need one still…Melissa 954-981-9225 James Midas Roofing