Can you patch a tar and gravel roof?

Storm damage lifted 1/4 of our tar and gravel roof. One roofer wants to reroof with that system, the other wants to attach a membrane to the damaged area and feather it over the remaining tar and gravel. This doesn’t sound like a lasting fix to me, and the insurance adjuster is pressuring us to accept this bid. Any informed comments? Thanks

Like materials are always best.

You can patch a tar and gravel roof to be long lasting, but I do not know the extent of the damage nor the configuration of the existing.

Depending on the condition, it can be patched but make sure you’re not throwing good money after bad. You need to know a number of things to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Is there any moisture in the system?
What other damage did the storm do to the roof and framing?
How old is the existing roof and how long do you need the new one to last?
Do you want a quick fix or a long lasting solution?

jeez!!!if it blew off the rest of the roof is subject to the same result.tear it off and start with a new economical system that fits your budget.

Thanks for all the helpful comments and for the speedy responses.

If it lifted your roof up, then that section needs to be replaced. The uplift has caused the fasteners/adhesive to fail, and a patch is not the proper fix.

ditto roofboss.


That would also be a patch? Unless you meant the whole section of roof and not just the uplifted portion of roof section?

Was it a tornado that lifted the roof up? I do not think FM has a tornado spec.