Canadian winter roofing

is anybody here canadian besides me.
Ive been reading post and it seems like the roofing in the states is pretty crappy. I live in calgary canada and here there are not enough roofers. I personally need roofers. For hte last while Ive been traing newbies to roof. I lose money that way because I pay them hourly and the cant even pay for the selves putting on bundles. Has enybody ever thought of coming to Calgary to roof?. Lots of work.

I guess not. Well , i truely feel alone.

hey there RB the moose here in Nanaimo, just coming into spring here finely, weather getting better, i suppose the american south roofers have a little better winter weather, but round here sucked this year, better times now. i did think about calgary for awhile but unsure of housing, job rates, and winter weather work anyways hope you get this post

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