Cannot identify Roof Leak Source

I have attached pictures of an area where I am trying to determine where a leak could be coming in? Roof Apex? HVAC weld point?

I bought a recently remodeled house with a sloped asphalt shingle to flat foam roof. The home inspector guessed the roof is approximately five years old.

I have identified and sealed multiple leaks, but cannot pinpoint the source of one. Water is coming through into the attic on the downslope side of the HVAC vent bag during rainstorms.

I have had four roofing contractors out and they have each said they cannot help me. I have also inquired with a HVAC repair company and they said the leak sounds like a roof leak.

I sealed around the base of the HVAC unit and any visible nails/ possible junctures with roof cement/tar, but the leak is as bad as ever.

I would appreciate any suggestions or advice you can offer?


Have the HVAC people put the AC unit on the ground where it belongs.


Not unusual for the hvac unit to leak. Try covering the ac unit (assuming you don’t use it during the winter).

I am not saying this is the issue for sure and will fix it.
But i do see where they installed foam behind the unit. It is especially built up on the corners.
Yes, these corners are a strong source for leaks.
But really, the highest point should be the middle of it , so water can drain to go around each corner.
Right now it is actually causing puddling behind it.
So, before i spent money doing other things,
I would build up the back, making my
Own cricket.

Also from above, make sure that this foam and coating is not trapping water and keeping water from draining out where water gets in from the 3-tab key way(cut out)
And if you dont understand what i am
Talking about here,
It would be easier to just foam and coat to the peak since it is such a small area and not really seen from the ground.

By the way, these are just poke and hopes…
I wouldnt charge for any of it or warranty any of it.
The amount i would charge to warranty this would be
Huge since it could be SO many different things.

I never warranty something i am not absolutely sure is going to fix a leak.
I have learned the hard way.
You charge somebody a fraction of the amount to fix it with no warranty…
Lets say $300 instead of 3000…
If it still leaks, that person thinks they have been ripped off and will expect you to come over and over untill you fix it.
The amount of time and material you spend means nothing to them.
So i charge appropiately or nothing at all.

I end up doing a lot of free repairs for people.
The people are so surprised
And happy
They remember my company to do the full replacement and
It always works out for me because that person is now my salesman for years , i get it back 10 fold and it keeps me flowing with referrals…