Can't find a single roofer to install a self adhered modified bitumen peel and stick like owen corning deckseal or certainteed flintastic. Any advice?

I have a low slope wood framed patio awning. It has a chimney going through also that would need flashing. After a lot of research I think a self adhered modified bitumen system like Owens Corning deckseal is likely the best option for me. However I can’t find a single roofer who installs it.

Any idea why nobody does it, or how to find someone who does?

I’m handy enough I probably “could” do it myself but really don’t want to, and would not be confident I’d do it right, especially flashing around the chimney, without some very in depth instruction which I have not found.

Call a roofer, tell him what you have. Let him suggest the system, then ask why not SA mod bit. I tend to decline jobs with “experts” as the customer.


The SA membranes dont lend themselves well to detail,like a chimney.
It can be done but is more reliable with other systems, as previously stated call and ask for a quote on the system they recommend.

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