Can't find leaker on aluminum overhang?

Early spring got a call to fix leak in "patio enclosure type roof"
Noticed someone else has been there with some silicone in the past. I cleaned it all off, soaped and scoured it clean and resealed at asphalt to roof seam.

Got a call the other day with same issue.

My question, is there a product that would be fail proof?

Something like a rubberized spray that would find the void and expand to seal in place.

As a handyman I have been getting more and more calls similar to this lately. It seems hit or miss, usually I am successful at finding these leaks just using a tripoly silicon I get from the supplier.

Any thoughts?


Has anyone actually tried this @$&?.

How could you even keep a straight face when using it.

Metal flashing works great and you almost never need a tube of anything.

Ran the hose this morning working from the low end. Up and down the ladder a few times. Dry as can be?? Worked my way up from the aluminum roof onto the shingle and ran water over the sky light window and flashing. Nothing??? Then I noticed the seal on the stack pipe (which was up and over a few feet) didn’t have the complete seal. Set up the hose on that boot and sure enough, drip, drip, drip. Sealed her up until it dries.
Told the HO To have a contractor come out for an inspection. Looked to me like there are few other areas showing their age.

Makes for an easy morning.

Thanks for the feedback.

As an aside I read this funny quote by Betty White this morning.
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