Canvassing book

It has come to my attention that alot of people are wanting this. What concerns me is i have not seen that many new posters here and i get one or 2 a day asking for it. Now i dont have a problem help out but this is getting silly. The original post is for members only not someone who is just here to get something for nothing. Im sorry to put it that way but this has gotten old quick. Not even a please in the last 10 emails. SO this is clear you need to be a member that does help out in the site to recieve it. Not window shoppers please. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

I agree completely Kev.

I received more than 3 dozen requests from anonymous e-mailers about certain topics I posted about, especially insurance work. I gave the information freely to those that I recognized as being sharing members, but stopped after the first wave of anonymous takers was getting too large.

I should have written an eloquent post, stating the sharing requirements like you did.

Actually, even if you gave someone the keys to success, they would still not learn anything from it unless they put the effort in.

Part of that effort can be giving back to the rest of the people who need Your Help or Opinions on this and other sites.


I’m not sure whats in your Grail of canvasing, but I hope it has to do a lot with upselling because selling has been easy to me, but the formula was to be competitive… and i can only do so many roofs physically, so this year I’m focusing more on upselling to make more profits…the only other thing ppl seem to care about is the fact that your know it all and maybe if your luck you can point out the things that other contractors leave out or spec’d wrong…most of the contractors here sell the kitchen sink that’s the only problem … and i wish i knew more about getting into or finding a way to finance people i don’t do the credit cards because they want a large percentage and out of principle i just can’t do it and the fact that other companies take them on credit cards , but yet their still close to my price makes me think that those companies are getting a lot better deals on transactions

Ed i just got sick of people i dont know just asking as i quote "Read about your sales book could you email me a copy. " not even a please. SO i got sick of it. About 50 emails in the last month or so form everyone just loking for help with know understanding of what I gave them. I used this system and with who did want to have an estimate i sold about 80% of them at my price not joe the roofers price. Ed you have read what i have if im not mistaken and it works pretty well its just basic because most of the guys i give it to they are not advanced in selling. I used it years ago before prosult.

Pgh If you want a copy please email me letting me know who you are and i will gladly send one to you.