Cap off Ridge With No Visible Nails on Final Shingle?

I swore I saw a reference to this. . . . somewhere. Thought I bookmarked it. Been searching for it the past hour and can’t find it. Why does the search feature on this site eliminate the word ‘ridge’ from my search terms? Whiskey Tango Hotel?

Anyway, perhaps somebody else knows this trick. Perhaps it was glued down? Can’t remember. Just remember that it was a different approach than I’d seen before.

I’m using 12x36 3T’s on the ridge, cut into 3 sections as usual. Thanks.

tar down the last piece or nail it and tar the nail heads…

also grab some granules from gutter and embed in said tar for a even more invisible look

Like said before you could glue it down. I run mine so I only need two on top which I caulk when done. Both sides of the last cap have a sealer strip under them. Cap Details

OK Tinner…so you work both ends to the middle, leaving the tar strips strategicaly placed to glue the ‘cover piece’ down. Got it.

On the top ridge, I’ll run it all the way to each end. On the two lower ridges (that end where a rake dives into the roof), I’ve decided to trim these back a bit so I can detail the (rake to roof) joint better and protect it with metal flashing.

Ran out of 3" HD galv. nails today for the ridge vent. I’ll take a few pics and post later. I may add this to my previous post re: flashing a rake to roof joint.

Thought there was a nail-less way to do this as I still have plenty of NP1 left. Thanks Tinner! I also like the earlier suggestion of embedding grit into the goo to camoflauge the joint. Thanks Spinner!

I go from one end to the other, so the backs are to windward and they aren’t ‘bucking’ the wind. They always end about 2-3" from the end, and get reversed there.

When using a double laminate hip and ridge like GAF Timbertex, lift the top tab with the granules on it and put your nails in the bottom (black) part of the ridge to secure it to the ridge/hip. Then put a dime sized dab of roof cement on your nail heads and stick the top granule tab to the bottom black one. Easy.

OK, here’s a photo of two I’ve done:

Waiting to cover the nail heads until I get some granules to camo the NP1.

Yup, like tinner said with the double tar strips. I usually put four nails in that last cap and caulk em. At least I know it won’t blow off.