Catching roof debris

Is there some kind of item out there to catch the shingles you have ripped?? I know of the roofers buggy, but I was wondering if someone made something else (less expensive) that would be easier to dispose of the shingles without them hitting the ground.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


scoop shovel, hands, wheel barrow, or ground.


An employee.

Yes I do know of something that could be adapted for that purpose, but it is going through the Patent process right now.


If you lay out tarps and drape tarps down the siding and remove the shingles that are on the tarps quickly it does little to no harm to the grass. If you have landscaping to deal with you have to be leary of were the debris falls. Do this on all steep roofs with good results.

For landscaping and plants you have to be careful. Setting up saw horses is a good idea to protect things. Things that can be moved should be moved out of harms way of course.

A wheel barrow and a few good men are other options.