Cathedral ceiling Issue

I’ve got a customer with a cathedral ceiling in their kitchen and they have pot lights. In the winter (Cold, snowy climate) when the pot lights are use there is too much heat build up causing condensation, causing staining on the ceiling. There is sufficient soffit venting and ridge vent. Any Ideas as to remedy this problem? Thanks.

Are there baffles going from the soffit to the ridge vent? Is there any insulation at that point or did the electrican take it out so the light could be there?


Use the new energy efficient light bulbs.

You can put new lights in. The old pot lights you had to keep the insulation away from the unit. They now make lights thatl you can have the insulation closer.

Take all the pot lights out and use skylights.

I have to agree with Lefty. And I believe I saw some new ones using LED’s for light. I think they put out even less heat. Shouldn’t be more than 2 wire nuts and a ground screw.

I have a customer with the same problem in a way. Did the new roof last summer,and this past winter he called me and said he has a leak around the can lights in cathedral…I looked and believe that it is a new roofing nail dripping from heat from can causing condensation of the nail…He asked why he never had the problem before,and I said that their may not have been a nail there before…Seems reasonable to us…
He also said he has frost in the attic,which I suppose is lack of insulation…He has plenty of ventilation,but only has 2x6 ceiling joists and r 19 in the attic…old school Pocono home construction,lol