Caulking between bleeders and drip edge

Good day again gents, I may be over-thinking this as well but if you could indulge me for a sec…

When I took this roof apart, there were sooo much caulk (ashphalt cement)on the rakes between the bleeders and the drip edge it was almost impossible to remove… not that it did anything to keep the roof from leaking because I had to replace the eaves on that side of the house. ANYWAY! Watching a dozen of people install starters and bleeders in the peanut gallery (that being YouTube), I never saw anyone caulk anything… neither does the instruction… and I haven’t either so far. Very little caulk as a matter of fact… I thought there would be way more. I have a 3/12 roof.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Put band aids or super glue on your bleeders. No need to caulk rake starters.

I suspect Florida makes them do it, we’ll see.


On the 3/12, absolutely positively
Should there be a 3 inch swath of cement sandwiching the eve metal.

Others install a strip of ice and water shield sandwiching it.

We do it on every Shingle roof because of florida code.
But i was doing it on 4/12s and below way before i was Legally required to do so.

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Got it!!! Be generous… Bit of a pain doing it after the fact but I can lift the edges high enough to slide the caulking tube in.

Thank you once again