CCN, Certified Contractors Nework Anounces New Ownership

CCN, Certified Contractors Network Is Sold To A Roofer, Of Course
Well, I must have missed this news 2 months ago.


Certified Contractors NetWork Announces New Ownership

June 1, 2009

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ARDMORE, Pa. â€â€

I met Richard Kaler years ago when he was affiliated with Certainteed. He was a great guy to listen too. I still have his tapes somwhere in my office. Never did join CCN but almost did. I did join prosult for one year.

Yeah, I met him around 10 times myself too.

He had the C.E.S., Contractors Educational Series of learning tapes that I bought a whole bunch of and they have been very helpful.

The CCN seemed too expensive for a smaller contractor to even consider, but who knows???

I heard that they are planning on implementing a lower priced version, but don’t have any further details just yet.

I would recommend the tapes still, which are available through the Certainteed Resource Learning Center or Market Zone.


I’ve been looking for those tapes. My CT rep said they had them, but I still cannot find them. I just looked at Market Zone and the Resource site. Still no luck. I have a few of the Making Business Better tapes and really like them.

They were in the last catalog I have, but that was last year around the time Richard passed away.


What does it cost to join? I am told that RSI is about 25K per year

I seen them in the catalog a few years ago. Wish I had ordered them then. I still got the catalog somewhere. If I start looking now, I might find it before I retire.