Cedar Lite

Hi All:

I am from Kansas City and we aren’t a huge concrete tile market around here, but lately some some reason it has been popping up. Specifically the product Cedar Lite by Monier. It is supposed to be very light, high fire rating, durable, etc. It has its downsides too, from what I have read, breakable, difficult to install things like that. It looks nice from what I can tell, with the very small amount of information Moonier has about it on their website.

I am not asking about this product because I am bidding a job or anything so this can be rough estimates, but does anybody have any input on the installation of this product? What sort of waste factor is involved with this? What is a ballpark installed cost? Any special roof prep with this product? Any info would help satisfy my curiosity and expand my knowledge base on what is out there.


If the roof will hold the extra weight I would
go with a heavier tile. Unless you, or your roofers
don’t weigh much you better figure on alot of breakage. Even walking on the butt ends of the tiles
they will break unless you spread your weight out.

So what do you figure for a lot for breakage? 20%? 30%?