Cedar or aluminum?

I’ve just taken over an old building that needs a new roof. A company called CedarEX has given me a good price on the re-roof using enviroshakes, but another company is telling me that aluminum will cost more but pay off in the long run through less maintenance.

I’m leaning towards cedar, but I’m in the Pacific Northwest and not sure if that should push me one way or another. Would appreciate any advice from people who’ve dealt with both.

I have installed enviroshake since they first came out,
no problems yet.
I dont see much of an issue with maintanance, leaves and debris will blow off.
Aluminum shakes are also a good product,would be concerned with the paint after 10-15 years,other painted metal roofing products start to look shabby at that period.
Have enviroshake pics if you want them/

That’s what I thought.

I’m leaning harder towards cedar now - the aluminum product just looks a little fake, at least from close up. Thanks for your time.

i cant understand how the cedar shakes could possibly cost less than aluminum. Cedar is extremely labor intensive, plus it is VERY heavy. You should be able to go over the existing roof with aluminum with negative effects in regards to the quality… some places dont allow any roofing systems to be installed over another roof, so it may be different in your area. I wouldn’t buy cedar over aluminum, no way, no how. Theres a reason why pioneers used cedar roofs, while government buildings were getting metal…