Cedar Shake Roof Life


I have a friend that has a shake roof. The roof is approx. 30 years old. They had a company come out and give them an estimate to clean all of the moss and other debris off, replace any broken or rotten shakes, pressure wash it on a low setting, and then reseal it with linseed oil. The guy told them if they did all this they would get another 20+ years and the shakes would look like they were put on recently.
I have only been dealing with shakes for 10 years so I am not sure if this guy is blowing smoke or what.
I ran a project that consisted of about 26 building that were built in the 70’s. Each building had approx. 70 squares of shakes. They were in pretty bad shape. I gave my friend my opinion on the roof based on my experience.
Do any of you guys have any info. on this?



The answers you seek are here:


Just got the insurance company to total one out that is mostly 30 years with one section of roof that’s 20 years old. For some reason the 20 year old roof is in rougher shape than the 30 year old roof. Lots of missing and loose shingles, 28+ missing just on one section.

I shook the home owners hand and congratulated him on getting a free roof.

Usually 30 years is tops on shake roofs. You can buy treated shakes but they cost a lot more than the elready expensive shake shingles.

We do them all with cedar breather and stainless nails no greater exposure than 5.5". they should go from 30 to 40 years. Cedar Bureau warranties our work for 20.