Cedar Shake Roofing pre-loss condition

Mr. Larry, love the playbook. I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding damage to cedar shake roofing. I am currently waiting on an adjuster to inspect a 35sq. 2yr. old cedar roofing (75K). There is no splits in the shakes. However, almost every shake has an impression. I am a licensed public adjuster (former roofing contractor) but have never had to handle a claim like this. Can you advise me on what the expected outcome should be? Here is what I would ask.

  1. Do you agree that hail hit this roof?
  2. Do you agree these marks were created by hail?
  3. Do you agree that these marks are a direct result of the hail storm?
    Aren’t the insurance companies obligated to restore this property to PRE-LOSS condition? Everthing I reviewd says that it is cosmetic and will age with the shingle over time.

I personally have never seen shakes have impressions then not have splits from hail strikes.Must have been soft on the outside and hard on the inside hail.lol

But also from my experience impression and split shakes are replaced individually rather than a full replacement.Its cheaper for the insurer to replace 500 impression/split versus a full replacement unless there is total devastation.Without any splits they will fight to the death on that claim.

I am a public adjuster as well. I would not file a claim on a cedar shake that simply has impact marks that knocked the oxidation off of the shake. You mention impressions, or dented areas of the shake. As I would have to see pictures to give an honest opinion, my feelings are that it is not functional damage. That doesn’t mean it isn’t covered…I don’t know their policy. However, what you are describing I probably would not consider damaged.