Cedar Shakes - Pros and Cons?

My cedar roof is getting old and dilapidated. I like the way that wood roofs look but the cost seems pretty steep in comparison to other materials. Does anyone have any justifications for or against using cedar?


If you like cedar roofs get a cedar roof.

If you can not afford a cedar roof, you will have to pick something else.

Look in to Endurashake. My neighbor is pushing me to get one when he found out that I need a new roof. It’s class 4 hail, will last 30+ years, and many insurance agencies give you a break on homeowners insurance. Price is about the same but it lasts twice as long before you have to replace it.


Is this a normal product that my installer can order? Has anyone else had good luck with this material? If the roof can last twice as long, that would save me a lot money and hassles in the long run.

Have you looked into metal shakes? Also class 4 hail, and many come with a lifetime warranty.

I heard a horror story about metal shakes but I’m guessing it wasn’t for a class 4 shake. There’s a house in my area that got pelted with hail and very badly dented the roof. But seeing that it wasn’t leaking, the insurance company wouldn’t pick up the tab on it. From the other side, such strong hail wasn’t considered regular “wear and tear” by the warranty of the roofer so no one is going to pay to fix it. I guess that this is an extreme circumstance though.

Standing seam? Dennis knows copper. I would take a Dennis copper roof anyday over the best cedar shake on the planet.

save yourself some money and go with a 40 yr light brown demensional shingle.
they look like a cedar shake.


ps. be carefull of puttin on somethin your installer is not comfortable with.
thats a no no.

Decide what you want and find the installer for it.


I still look at timberlines and try to see how they look like shakes.

If you are looking for simulated cedar shakes maybe you can look at Certainteeds Presidental TL or GAF’s Grand Caynon shingles. They look very close with a smaller price tag. Becareful tho not everyone can install those shingles correctly.

Lefty…that has been my peeve with that type of arch shignle since I put my first one on many moons ago…they DO NOT look like a wood shingle roof.

Twill’s metal shingles sure do, though. Maybe if he stops by and posts?

I agree with aaron on that. dims never look llike shake. Not ment to either.

Theyre not? I have always heard that they were in fact, supposed to model a shake roof, which they do not.

They are suppose to but it does not look like it to me at all. I meant they are not meant to replace shakes. Now a Presidental SHake or a Grand Caynon they look like shake but you have to ahve someone that knows those shingles to make it look right and not leak. Not an easy install on those. The dims are just to small of a profile to make it look like shake. 1/8 of an inch raise hardly shows up. Now a shingle that is over a 1/4 inch will show up. They are pricey but if you have a good installer and the money it is worth it.

joboss, go to
www.certainteed.com, and look at the carriage house shingle.
one of my favorites


I put EnduraShake on my last house and it wasn’t expensive. Just FYI - It’s NOT a cedar. The wood is from Brazil and doesn’t get treated because it doesn’t need to be. cedar gets treated that make it pass fire tests but the stuff washes out over time so you don’t have a treated roof. I don’t see any reason to pick cedar. Just composite for price or the endurashake stuff.

If it is wood, it will need to be treated. All woods need to be treated for preservation purposes eventually.

This is why we even had to re-condition out teak wood on the boat every year.

cedar shakes will last 50 years if taken care of properly, have cedar shake and shingle bureau installer put them on, if you don’t want to take care of them them you might want to look at monier lifetile’s madera. this is a concrete shake, will last 50+ years with the right underlayment. looks as close to shake as anything I have ever seen.

They have really nice composite shake… really nice color options… Cost more than cedar… But its a CLass IV hail product and has a 50 year warranty. Havent seen any better on the market… www.titanroofsystems.com