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I want to start off by saying thanks to all you guys for your great posts. I check in every couple of days but usually don’t post because I am to lazy. I am to a point where i want to throw my cell phone out.i know it is valuable and I need it to run my business,but I wish people would call the office once in a while.I am tired of 25 minute discussions and small talk about colors,shingles or whatever.I know I am not that important but I could easily spend the entire day checkin voice mails from calls I missed while i was at lunch.I have asked people to please call the office and they seem to ignore me.I also use a BlackBerry and ask people to email me,yet the phone is going all stinkin day. This really like a vent session for me. Thanks for listening.Maybe next post I will add something more interesting,but I just missed a call from a guy I asked to call the office. See ya


LOL. I always get the answers I need here.

ditch the phone for a pager.

problem solved.

Well i had the same problem all the time. but i answered when i could and when i got home listened made notes and called from office next morning whatelse you going to do give up.

You can always forward your cell phone to the office number. I do that when I don’t want anybody to call me. Of course I have to tell my wife if she wants to talk to me she needs to text me…lol…that doesn’t always go over very well.

I also have this problem. Just started using a service called Ring Central (not a commercial). A bit complicated, but it allows you to forward calls, “follow me” go to vm, and all kinds of other nifty features.

I also read a book by Dan Kennedy, call “No BS Time Management.” I am considering some of his ideas, although for our biz, they are a bit radical. Nevertheless, still useful.

Sometimes I wonder how business was done before cell phones.

I like the idea of forwarding calls to the office. You could also just set up another line for the office and hook your current cell # to it. Then get a new phone for yourself and be careful who you give the # to!

Landlines…word of mouth…not as many co’s as there is now…knowing the rite ppl.

I just advertise the office number and when i’m able to answer my cell i foward my office to my cell.

I think this sounds like it may be a good problem to have. If these are true business calls from customers, then great. Be thankful for those calls.

However, if these are roofing salespeople, tell them to email you instead. If it is just idle chatter, kill those calls, too.

I also let the insurers call my cell phone. That is critical to my business.

I would suggest you keep a log of your calls to see what is causing the problem. You may find the problem after a few days of analysis. Then you can fix the issues.

Heres how i do it, and i believe it to be successfull.

My business phone is forwarded to my personal cell phone at all times.

All my friends and family are programed in.
I program my customers names in too so i know exactly who they are when they call me back. They love that.

When someone calls that is trying to sell me something(a local call) i also program them in, so that way i know not to answer the phone when they call again.

When a long distance call comes in, usually i wont answer it, then call back immediately. I find out within a few seconds whether or not i want to end the call.

when i get a local unknown call, i am super happy to answer it. Big chance it is a new customer.
Big chance it is some one looking for employment.
That call ends pretty quickly.

wish my phone was ringing off the hook.

ditch the phone for a pager.

problem solved.


yeah that would be a smart idea… :?

be happy the phone is ringing but leave it in the truck until you are ready to be on the phone. if your on the phone all day who is running the show???

[quote=“STA-Const”]ditch the phone for a pager.

problem solved.


yeah that would be a smart idea… :?

be happy the phone is ringing but leave it in the truck until you are ready to be on the phone. if your on the phone all day who is running the show???[/quote]

apparently, your sarcasm detector isnt functioning correctly.

Wow, you’re bothered by calls on your cell phone yet you continue to answer it? Simple enough to let it go to voice mail… problem solved.

You are enabling people to call you by answering the phone every time. Caller ID should allow you to answer “important” calls and let the rest go to VM. You can call them back when it better fits your schedule.

i stopped giving out my cell# and took it off of the business cards. Only my employees and suppliers have the #.

I give customers all the time they need on the phone. I don’t see the problem.

If these calls are from customers or potential customers, they are not an interruption or a distraction. They are the reason we are here. Now, if you are working on the job and getting so many customer calls that you can’t get any work done, maybe you should consider promoting yourself to a full time salesman and manager.

I’m sure that most of us wish we had the problem of the phone ringing too much.

check into unlimited minute cell plans.
try metro pcs. see if there in your area.