Cellophane strips hanging out from underneath new shingles everywhere

I had a new roof 6 weeks ago and all over the roof are about 1 inch by 5 inch cellophane strips hanging out from underneath the shingles. I also saw lots of them around my yard. The roofer is supposed to send someone soon I hope to see what they are. He should know I think. Too small to be the strips applied by the mfg for nonstick purposes. Does anyone know what this is and why they’re there?

They are called release strips and they are there so that the shingles don’t stick together in the package.

During installation these strips sometimes come off and blow around, static electricity makes them stick to everything.

During cold weather installations these strips don’t always get cut along with the shingle and will stick out usually at the rake edges, it looks bad but it is really nothing.

It takes a few yrs for the sun to break these strips down, we always go around and pick up or remove these where we find them.


Thanks so much. Now I understand, but I’m wondering if it would do harm to the shingles to have someone remove them now after the shingles have sealed down or if I should just not look up for a few years and forget about them.

Any pieces that are sticking out you can remove and throw away they will easily pull off.

Honestly I think your roofer should come back and remove them, they should have done it in the first place.

It really is unsightly seeing those strips sticking out everywhere.