Certainteed 5 course method (6-11) required for all colors?


Ive done a few 3-tab roofs but about to install my first architectural roof on a workshop i built over the summer.

I have purchased certainteed landmark pro in moir black.

I noticed many ‘pros’ working out from a valley with equal-length stair steps with the occasional ‘back step’. I thought this was bad practice?

Is the 5 course method in the guide applicable to all arch shingles? Or only shingles with agressive shaddow lines or contrasting colour differences?

I want to start laying shingles from my (open) valleys using ~6in offsets + backsteps but im concerned about developing lines/patterens. Will i see these issues using moir black?


We do it like that with no issues.

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Some brands pattern more if the proper stagger isn’t used, for some it matters if you start from the right or left also.

Certainteed is like this.