Certainteed Flintlastic Coating Questions

I’m a homeowner who recently had a Certainteed Flintlastic roof installed. I cant remember exactly which type of Flintlastic it was, but I’m thinking it was GTS. Whichever type it is, it has a mineral granule top surface, and it was torch applied.

The roofer told me I didn’t need to put any kind of topcoat on it, but here in Arizona it gets very hot in the summer. He also said I couldn’t just put a reflective coating right on it, but that I had to put some kind of emulsion down first.

Basically, I want to put a white elastomeric coating on it to cool things down, but don’t know if I can do that with the roof as it is. Anybody have any idea? Thanks

If you’re so concerned about the heat & (hopefully) communicated this to your roofer, he should have suggested a white color.

I would have also suggested some kind of improved ventilation under this surface as well as improved insulation directly under the decking (with the added benefit of a foil facing on the decking itself).

Personally, I’m not a fan of open flame (torchdown) applications & I am not in favor of applying any ‘top coat’ products unless you’ve got a leak. Why mess with something that’s not in failure?

I’m sure other folks will have different ideas or suggestions.

Last i heard it is a peel and stick material. Thus not needing a torch. LOL


That’s what I was going with & yes, I know FlintLastic is an S / A top cap. Doing 3-1/2 squares tomorrow, actually.