Certainteed Hatteras

Hello folks. Has any homeowner or pro used these? How do they compare in quality and price to GAF Slatleline and Certainteed Landmark 50? (Cost is $70 for Slateline; $65 for LM per Consumerreports). How would the pros rate application ease comparrd to the other two. Any idea how long they’re on the market and if I should have any concerns about any new technology used if they are fairly new. All comments would be greatly appreciated.

Never laid the Hatteras shingles but looking in the Certainteed Master book right now.

They are four tab shingles with a 9 3/8th in exposure. If your doing a hip roof you will be running to the left a lot if you rack the shingles which is the #1 method of installation according to Certainteed.

The Hatteras are 18x36, have a 10 year algea warranty, 5 year sure start, 40 year warranty, and 110 mph wind warranty.

The Landmark 50 is a great shingle which carries a 90 mph wind warranty or 110 mph if using 6 nails per shingle with the LM 50’s

Don’t lay much for GAF products so can’t comment on those.

Thank you for taking the time to check this further for me.No hip roof here so that’s not an issue.The Hattaras seems pretty similar to the GAF Slateline (but a 4 versus 3 tab). I don’t think I’ve seen any other 4 tabs…should I be concerned? Is it a new (untried) design that I should be concerned about?

Again, thank you for your time